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FAAI Kirti Mishra

My Story

26 years back, happily teaching computer programs to MBA students, little did I know that one day my destiny was about to take an unimaginable turn. After marriage I had to leave my job and move to USA where I had plenty of time in hand. That's when I ventured into the world of Art. With abundance of rich Fine Arts resources and freedom to explore limitlessly, USA turned out to be goldmine for the artist inside me. When I came back to India in 2006, I started my first art school "HandsnKrafts". I experimented with art curriculum, developed good understanding of student's learning psychology and evolved my own teaching style. From there, I expanded my horizon to include traditional Indian arts and interesting artworks such as coffee painting, hand-crafted name boards, murals etc. I transformed HandnKrafts into a new identity - Kalavaatika that reflected the spirit and ethos of my vision. This was the beginning of a journey that finally led to founding of FAAI in March 2018.

Blue Abstract Shapes

Founding of Academy

As I explored various disciplines of Fine Art, I realised how limited and unstructured were the resources and method of teaching art. Many art enthusiasts who don't want to join formal degree courses (such as BFA/MFA) but have serious interest in developing their Fine art skills have very little option of formal training. I spent last 20+ years in discovering, collecting and mastering various secrets of professional artists. I incorporated many of these secrets in my art classes and I was surprised to see that even young kids were able to grasp advance Art concepts and as a result became proficient in many Fine art techniques with ease. This inspired me to take the big step of founding Fine Arts Academy to teach courses of BFA/MFA quality in a manner that art enthusiasts of all ages can enjoy and also learn proficiently. After many years of the hard work and with affection of my students, Fine Arts Academy of India (FAAI) has become a reality today.

FAAI Kirti Mishra
Founding FAAI

Team that powers our Academy's vision

FAAI Kirti Mishra

Kirti Mishra

Program Director

Mrs. Kirti Mishra is an art educator who has been teaching art for last 15 years and has been conducting specialised workshops on various fine art topics. Her teaching style is not only inspiring but has also gained popularity, thanks to her passionate approach and remarkable talent for awakening the artist within each individual.

FAAI Rakesh Mishra

Rakesh Mishra


Rakesh Mishra works as a personal coach to corporate executives, SME CXOs and startup founders. At FAAI he takes care of all operations and core administration responsibilities. In addition, he conducts workshops on visual story illustration, logo designing and use of creative mediums for self-healing & happiness. 

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