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1 Year Diploma Course in Fine Arts

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FAAI is offering 1 Year Fine Arts Diploma in Painting. This diploma course has been specifically designed to strengthen your pre-degree foundation by upskilling your Fine Arts proficiency while preparing an impressive portfolio of Artwork. 

This diploma course will give you a higher edge in your Fine Arts pursuits whether you are applying for an Art teacher's position, preparing for admission into Fine Arts colleges or if you are planning to build a career in design/Fine Arts professions.

This course will include:

  • 40+ live sessions (either online or in-class)

  • 25+ recorded video tutorials

  • 40+ Assignments

  • 1 Mock exam

  • FAAI Certification of Proficiency

Course Curriculum

Part A - concepts of drawing

  • lines/angles/proportions

  • shapes/forms

  • wireframes/contour lines

  • concept of positive negative space

  • form projections/isometric drawings

  • 1/2/3 point perspectives (drawing above eye level, on eye level, below eye level)


Part B - concepts of visual design

  • elements of visual design (line, shape, form, space, color,  texture, typography, scale)

  • principles of visual design / rules of composition (emphasis/contrast, balance, rhythm, depth of field, repetition, movement, unity, variety)


Part C - color theory using poster colours

  • tonal value chart

  • color wheels

  • charts of hues,tints,shades,tones,saturations

  • use and importance of complementary colors


Part D - still life in graphite, charcoal, pastels, watercolours

  • importance of light source

  • chiaroscuro (form shadows and cast shadows)

  • rendering different forms

  • working with textures (stone, wood)

  • rendering glass, metal, rough and smooth textures

  • rendering drapery

  • rules of still life composition arrangement


Part E - landscape in graphite, charcoal, color pencil, water color and pastels

  • setting up frames with positive negative space balance

  • plein air study

  • adding/displacing/eliminating objects of composition

  • study of sunlight

  • elements of nature (rock stones / mountains, clouds / sky, river/sea/water bodiestree/bushes/flora)

Part F - portraits in pencil, charcoal, pen & ink

  • detailed drawing of facial features (eyes, nose, ears, mouth in different angles)

  • proportions of facial features

  • study of male and female heads in front view, 3/4 view and profile view

  • study of plane changes, light and shadows in a head


Part G - figure drawing in pencil, charcoal, pen & ink

  • proportions of male and female figures

  • drawing 3d figures in front view, 3/4 view and profile view

  • human figures in action

  • human figures in perspective

  • use of human figures in composition drawings

Part H - Indian traditional paintings (any 1)

  • Jain

  • Pahadi

  • Phad

  • Kalighat

  • Pattachitra

  • Madhubani 

Part I - Indian miniature paintings (any 1)

  • Rajasthani

  • Mughal


Part J - total 40 practical submission works using different mediums

- pots, objects, human figures, nature, realistic, portrait, pictorial composition with human figures, copy works


Part K - theory portion

  • History of painting

  • Jain, Pal, Apbhransh

  • Mughal painting (Akbar, Jahangeer)

  • Rajasthani painting (Mewar, Kishangarh, jaipur)

  • Pahadi painting (Kangada, Basohali)

  • Bengal School

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