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Sketching Foundation Course

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Sketching is the most fundamental skill that sets the rhythm in the hands of an artist. That's reason we have kept the sketching course as the foundation certification that must be cleared before taking up other advanced certification courses. Our sketching certification module has been thoughtfully designed to train the artist's eyes, mind and hand for the creative process.

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  • Total 96 sessions to be completed over 24 months

  •  Course is designed to accomplish following learning objectives

    • Practicing of lines and curves

    • Basic shapes, composite shapes and design patterns

    • 3D object drawings

    • Concept of Chiaroscuro, light and shadows

    • Introduction to perspectives (1-point, 2-point)

    • Depth perception (near and far, overlapping)

    • Sketching stick figures (actions)

    • Sketching trees, flowers, birds and animals

    • Basic introduction to human anatomy

    • 8 composition formats (drawing and coloring)

    • Basics of pencil shading (tonal values chart)

    • Basics of Calligraphy techniques

    • Art application projects

      • Card making

      • Poster making

      • Story illustration

      • Advertising design illustration

      • Comic strip making

      • Facial expressions

    • Mediums used for teaching

      • graphite pencil​

      • Color pencil

      • Willow charcoal

      • Chisel marker

      • Oil pastels

      • Poster colors

      • Pen & Ink

      • Mix media

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