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Admissions for the June 2024 batch are closed now. Applications for next year (June 2025) are open.

For Working Professionals, Design Career Aspirants, Home makers and Art Teachers 

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Fine Arts Academy of India

Professional Art Classes for those who are Serious about Learning

Fine Arts Academy of India (FAAI) offers professional courses and workshops covering a wide variety of Fine Arts topics. FAAI courses have been designed as a comprehensive yet lightweight alternative to BFA grade learning. These courses are excellent choices for those who are not able to join formal BFA education but have a strong desire to pursue art either as a hobby or as a professional career.  

FAAI has developed unique brain training techniques that are tailored for the art skills and seamlessly integrated into our teaching approach. These techniques not only enhance student's learning proficiency but also have positive developmental self-healing effects.

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Fine Arts Courses

Diploma Course in Fine Arts

FAAI is offering 1 Year Fine Arts Diploma in Painting. This diploma course has been specifically designed to strengthen your pre-degree foundation by upskilling your Fine Arts proficiency while preparing an impressive portfolio of Artwork. ​ This diploma course will give you a higher edge in your Fine Arts pursuits whether you are applying for an Art teacher's position, preparing for admission into Fine Arts colleges or if you are planning to build a career in design/Fine Arts professions.

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Portraits Sketching & Painting

Human portraits require much finer observations and anatomical understanding of human faces. This advance course provides thorough knowledge of various facial features with which students will be able to observe and sketch portraits with correct proportion, perspective and tonal values. Once you are trained for sketching, painting a portrait is more about handing the painting medium properly.

Advance Certification in Visual Design

This course has been designed primarily for aspirants of design career such as visual illustrations, graphic designing and product designing. This course provides deep appreciation of design fundamentals and prepares the student to perform couple of notches higher whether its for their job or for entrance exams of top-rank design colleges.

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Sketching Foundation

Foundation courses provide essential line drawing and figure sketching skills that FAAI considers crucial to build proficiency in Fine Arts. This is a mandatory certification for enrolling into any of the higher level courses. The skills students will learn in these courses will dramatically improve their art & design no matter what medium they choose to work with.


FAAI Art Gallery

FAAI's Unique Online Learning Model

At FAAI academy, when we decided to go online, the biggest challenge for us was poor learning effectiveness of recorded lessons. When there is no connect with a teacher, learning is mostly at surface level. One of the biggest promise of FAAI courses is our structured learning curriculum where students can systematically learn professional techniques of Fine Art.

FAAI S1 (BCAC1) - Lines, curves & shapes
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Voices that nurture our path

Pink Marble

Parisa Singh

When I first joined FAAI, I could barely draw a good composition. I’ve been learning for the past 4 years and now I’ve gone from the state of not much enjoying the art to absolutely loving it and stealing opportunity to practise art whenever I possibly can.


The thing I love the most about Kirti Auntie’s art class is that she makes you fall in love with the elegant details of art and helps you perfect your art work. Her way of teaching not only inspires but also it has pushed me to go beyond my comfort zone to be my best.

Pink Marble

You are much more than just a teacher for me. I really admire your patience and passion to understand each and every student individually and give them your personal attention. It’s only because of you that I have been able to spark interest in many advanced art techniques that otherwise I thought I will never be able to learn.


I feel so good when I am able to notice different layers in a painting and I guess I have a much more lovely relationship with colours now. Thank you Kirti Aunty, it was absolutely a privilege to learn from you.



Pink Marble


Art to me is a way of expressing myself and more importantly diffusing my stress. I was introduced to this method by you so thank you for that. It improves every time we do a new painting together. Conversations in the class never seems one sided, it's always been a dialogue with students.


You allow everyone to learn at their pace and let us enjoy the soulful experience of the art. You happen to know the art itself and also the background or the very foundation of the art.

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