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Saswati Mookherjee

5 star rating FAAI.png

My diploma classes with kirti ma'am have been very intriguing. She knows her stuff and has a very positive vibe. When I first visited her studio for admission, she demonstrated & explained each & every aspect very thoroughly. Not only does she love to teach, she is genuinely concerned about her students. If anyone faces any problem in attending class for a day, she tries her best to revamp the schedule. I have been searching for a good class where the focus will be on art, rather than on money. I've found it. Highly recommended to all the art enthusiasts.

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5 star rating FAAI.png

My daughter is preparing for the NIFT/NID entrance exams. So, we were searching for an art tutor who can help with improving her freehand sketching skills. We found few institutes; but they all designed their classes like a ‘summer camp’, and we felt that the courses are very generic.
Our search continued; and Luckily we found FAAI. It’s a very thoughtful & unique initiative of Ms. Kirti (on the FAAI website, you should read the story behind this initiative. It’s really impressive). Ms. Kirti explains the science behind this art & mentors you efficiently. Since she offers online live-training sessions, no worries about the distance. If you are serious about improvising your art skills, this is the perfect place that I personally trust & recommend.

Barbara Mathias

5 star rating FAAI.png

Kirti is a very kind and patient teacher. I like the way she instills confidence in my daughter as she continues to learn from her. The visual design course is quite tough for younger children but Kirti's knack of teaching brings out the best from my daughter. I would highly recommend FAAI to all those interested in learning the true concepts of drawing.

Pushkala Kavuri

5 star rating FAAI.png

I would very much recommend FAAI to anyone who is truly interested in learning art in a serious manner.It caters to all kinds of learners.Kirti is just a wonderful teacher who understands her students so well and teaches them accordingly.She is very understanding and accommodates the schedules whenever necessary.One visit to the studio and one conversation with Kirti will make you sure that you are at the right place and with the right person to trust regarding ART

Ramya J

5 star rating FAAI.png

Lucky to find such academy near by use teaching methods or really awesome for sure there is gonna be a great change in my life after completing my course I learned so many things and still I'm learning I'm happy because I found right place to complete my course thank you kirti mam / FAAI ❤❤❤

Shweta Bhargava

5 star rating FAAI.png

My art journey with Kirti , founder of FAAI started some 8 years back when My elder son enrolled and learnt so much art from it oil painting or coffee painting or ceramic painting... he just loved. This journey now is continued by my little one who too loves her class. He was little reluctant initially as he loved art but dint understand how to put them on paper... but now, he has grown up into a more confident and bold boy who tries anything to everything when it comes to drawing. His imagination.and creativity has definitely got a direction...all thanks to Kirti mam. Keep learning and teaching dear ! All the best !

Ifran Khan

5 star rating FAAI.png

The classes are fun for the students and the teacher makes it interesting. Every class is a new experience for the student. The way science and art have been interwined is amazing and really helps in concepts of art and later on becomes a key part of the drawings. The classes have helped my son in many ways, it has widened his imagination and he looks forward for each class
Thanks Kirti for mentoring Amaan.

Vanya Srivastava

5 star rating FAAI.png

Kirti Mam is a wonderful teacher!! She inspires us to become better artists every day! Her teaching style is so effective and easy to understand. She offers multiple courses as well! You should definitely go ahead with these classes if you are interested in art!! I am enjoying these classes so much!! :)

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