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Integrating the Vibrations of Life into Art

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We at FAAI take the mission of teaching art seriously. That's the inner core of our academy that defines who we are, what we do here and why this academy exists.

The study of art possesses the potential to profoundly resonate with and shape our inner selves. Unfortunately, contemporary perspectives often narrow the concept of art to mere visual appeal. Consequently, the field of art faces a risk of losing its connection with the scientific understanding that links the human mind to the beautiful intricacies of life unfolding in our surroundings.

Our vision at FAAI is to bring back this lost holistic approach into the discipline of art. Mrs. Kirti Mishra, art director of FAAI has been building the foundation of holistic art learning for last 15+ years. She has been researching and practicing visual art as an applied scientific discipline to unlock the full potential of human mind. She has developed an experiential brain-training methodology for art that is primarily based on 3 core elements as described below.

FAAI Philosophy.001.jpeg
FAAI Philosophy.002.jpeg
FAAI Philosophy.003.jpeg

This philosophy of art is integrated into every design of learning and all experiences that we offer in FAAI. If our value system of art learning appeals to you, visit our academy to know how you can nurture your creative longing with us. If you are an education institution, we can professionally collaborate with you to redesign the art curriculum for your institution and provide specialised training to your art teachers. Get in touch with us to know more.

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