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FAAI Online - our unique learning model

There are hundreds of online videos on YouTube to learn art. What makes learning online at FAAI special and why just watching random YouTube tutorials is not really good enough?

At FAAI academy, when we decided to go online, the biggest challenge for us was poor learning effectiveness of recorded lessons. When there is no connect with a teacher, learning is mostly at surface level. One of the biggest promise of FAAI courses is our structured learning curriculum where students can systematically learn professional techniques of Fine Art.

That's when we decided to bring in a hybrid model of recorded tutorials and live faculty interactions. It has worked wonderfully. Our recorded tutorials are prepared with lot of thinking and planning to ensure that students have in-depth and yet easy to grasp instructions. Unlike live classes, students can watch these tutorials multiple times at their own pace. After students finish the tutorial, they have assignments to be done and submitted. Our assignments are thoughtfully designed to encourage 'observe and draw' behaviour rather than copying someone else's artwork.

These assignments are reviewed by the teacher and discussed in detail in the live review session. Live review sessions are 1-on-1, like tuition where students get focused attention. Students can see where they made the mistakes and learn right ways of applying various techniques.

Here is one of the hundreds of tutorials from our courses that will show you how our recorded sessions are designed. Every course has typically 40-60 of such video sessions and 80-100 assignments. Welcome to new world of the online learning!

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