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Art Teacher Diploma & Certification

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FAAI is offering Art teacher's Diploma as well as a comprehensive certification from FAAI.

This course is designed to orient and prepare school teachers who are interested in skilling-up for truly developmental education delivery in the subject of art. It has 4 key modules as detailed out below:

  1. Overview of the art & craft syllabus topics (grade 1 to 8, yearwise)

  2. Teaching management

    • teaching guidelines

    • assignments guidelines

    • assessment guidelines

  3. Creative responsibilities at school

    • charts and posters

    • gifts idea for guests

    • venue/stage decoration

    • events props making

    • art & craft exhibitions competitions

  4. Fine art foundation & Portfolio building

    • Sketching / drawing fundamentals​

    • Basics of pencil shading (tonal values chart)

    • Basic introduction to human anatomy

    • Introduction to oil pastels

    • Introduction to poster colors

    • Introduction to pen art

    • Introduction to basic calligraphy

    • Fundamentals of visual design

    • Advanced study in Monochrome

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