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Advanced Level Certification Courses

Advanced level certification courses are designed to dive into depth of various Fine arts techniques and master advanced level details. In advanced level certifications, students will be focusing on applied creativity through the means of various projects and guided artwork studies.

Advance Courses

Course 1 (Level 1) - Advanced Course in Monochrome

Course 2 (Level 2) - Advanced Study of Still life

Advance L1

Course 1 - Advanced Course in Monochrome

  • Total 24 sessions to be completed over 6 months

  • Course is designed to accomplish following learning objectives

    • Basic sketching skills (shapes, proportions)

    • Free hand drawing (symmetry and asymmetry)

    • Textures (physical and visual)

    • Tonal values and contrasts

    • Concepts of contour, forms and shadows

    • Perspective (1 point, 2 point and 3 point)

    • Still life compositions

    • Texture study of metal, glass, drapery and fibrous

    • Nature study, landscapes

    • 8 Rules of still life composition (golden point, point of interest, rule of third, golden ratio, depth of field, rhythm, balance, repetition, overlapping, variations)

    • Basics of human anatomy (Loomis method)

This course is the level 1 in advanced course that uses monochrome mediums such as pencil, charcoal, graphite etc. and builds strong foundation of expert level skills that are essential to progress to learn and master higher level advanced courses.

Advance course L1 - 4.png
lady charcoal.png

Course 2 - Advanced Course in Still Life Study

This is level 2 advanced course (to be taken only after completing level 1 advanced course) that builds in-depth understanding of Still Life compositions. This course is designed as an expert guided study of Still Life projects that will allow students to develop rhythm and mastery.

FAAI artwork Flowers.jpg
FAAI artwork Jug.jpeg
FAAI artwork Ganesha.jpg
FAAI artwork fabric folds.jpg
FAAI artwork Books and Cup.jpg
FAAI artwork Lalten & radio.jpeg
FAAI artwork Mug & Candle.jpeg
FAAI artwork Balti Steel.jpeg
FAAI artwork Pink Car.jpeg
FAAI artwork Capsi.jpeg
FAAI artwork Coconut.jpeg

  • Total 24 sessions to be completed over 6 months

  • Course is designed to accomplish following learning objectives

    • Study of plane change and chiaroscuro ( application of light and shadow)

    • Objects with different forms (study of form shadows and cast shadows) and application of tonal values

    • Study projects of different texture surfaces - Metal/reflective surfaces, Glass/transparent surfaces, Rough texture surface, soft and smooth surfaces (drapery)

    • Importance of adding details and bringing realism into the artwork

    • Rules of composition for superior visual aesthetics

    • Applying perspective in objects

Advance L2

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